I've met some great matches without the time and struggle of finding that needle in a haystack through online dating. But the part that has been unexpectedly impactful has been the date coaching. I've learned so much about myself and what I'm looking for in a relationship. Devyn has been wonderful in helping me figure out what's truly important to me and why certain relationships did or did not work out. It's had a huge effect on how I approach dating and I now feel ready to find the right guy for me. She has made the dating process so much more fun and less of a mystery."

Working with Devyn has been a life-changing experience.

- K.C.

He is everything I could have dreamed of in a partner and SOOO MUCH MORE! I am in love. I found my person. My life is full beyond words. Thank you! 

It is because of Devyn and her team at Three Day Rule that I met Vince who is truly my other half. 

- K.J.

I realized that my dating life had become a cycle - meet someone, date, have a great time, and drift apart. I was looking to reset and target what I was really looking for and to create something. Devyn was fantastic during our interview process in forcing me to really isolate what I was looking for, and to search for those things. I went on several dates, each with really amazing women - interesting, smart, driven, and beautiful people. Now, my last match and I are happily in a relationship

My experience with Devyn and her team was fantastic! 

- G.N.

She made me think about things in a whole new way and helped me get out of a mindset that was honestly holding me back. The process really opens your eyes - articulating my must haves versus the nice to haves and reflecting on my past relationships as a means to identifying what I want going forward, forced me to take an honest look at what was important to me. We often think the partnership we seek will "magically appear" - Devyn helped me to realize that I have to choose love and put in work towards finding the right relationship, similar to how I work towards everything else in life. I sometimes stand in my own way and it is so helpful to have a coach both for accountability, but Devyn was also a great support to me. She gave me very actionable tips to fight against my own self sabotage. My work with her facilitated meeting the man who I know is “the one"! Thank you Devyn and TDR!

Working with Devyn and TDR really changed my perspective and mindset on dating!

- D.A.

Whether it was jumping on a call to discuss a particular conversation or text, or being there to offer advice on what might be going through the other person's head - Devyn and her team’s advice and guidance over the course of a couple months was truly life changing, and I'm extremely grateful for their support and very happy to have met them. The service is expensive, but like with anything, you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend their service to any of my friends or anyone looking to improve how they date.

More than just getting a date, Devyn’s support and communication through several first dates and then actually dating really helped me understand how to 'date better', not just more.

- N.J.

The discussions on what I was looking for in a prospective boyfriend helped me realize who I really am as a person, kind, loving, giving, and so much more. Looking  for those things in my man was what I needed to put in my profile and it worked. Since working with her I found myself an amazing man who is by my side. I am beyond happy! The lessons from Devyn, in my opinion, worked! Listen, she knows because she’s open and honest about what she’s been through!

Trust her, and take her advice and I hope you’ll end up happy like me!

- R.C.

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